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This game is generally based on the reality that the society judges a person based on his attractiveness and appearance. The game consists of 99.9 percent of reality since almost most of the guys have faced rejection due to their looks and physique. This is an animated strategy game and you need to guide the guy to attain his dream. In the game you need to get ready for the big pool party for 14 days and succeed with the best, gorgeous and charming ladies. The gameplan is excellent which will leave you mesmerized and no more indifferent.

What it is about

This game reveals the ultimate douche king. The douche fun is greater in this version of the game than ever. The player has to play the role of a nerdy, spotty and lame loser whose only dream is to date super hot chicks and have a great body. Most of the hard work goes into the gym. You need to pump some iron, bag the gorgeous and charming ladies and get a purely awesome swag. You need to go the gym and do super workouts to pump up your muscles, go to the beauty salon and upgrade your style, go shopping for expensive items and most importantly go to the DA club that opens every night at 10pm. Until you become a douche, everything else is flimsy and feeble. Busman Parking 3D game is another on the list of great bus driving games, check it out!

Game plan

You are required to help this nerdy skinny man to achieve his dream that he had been dreaming of lifelong, to get gorgeous ladies. You have to guide him through his douchebag workout routines in order to become the perfect douchebag. Once his muscles are enhanced, his confidence to flirt with charming ladies will boost up. It is essential for the character to work hard all day long. You need to tell him when to do squats or bench press, when to pump up some iron for his biceps and triceps and also keep an eye on his diet.


You need to use your mouse in order to play and interact. The game is also controlled by the keyboard. It might be required of you to press a sequence of keys which depends on the exercise performed by you.

Who is it for

Anyone who is interested in playing super awesome swag gaining games which is hilarious and full of deep social explorations can try his or her hands at this. Tips and tricks:

Some cheats are:
  1. Pressing the key 1 helps in the restoration of energy and health. It also reduces your fat to 0 levels and your cardio is increased to a 100.
  2. Pressing the key 2 helps in adding 50 points to all the workouts you do. Do not press it too much since it takes a little bit of time to do that.
  3. By pressing key 3 a new level is added.
  4. Since the energy never goes below half, you can keep on eating.
Hence, follow the strategy of a guy who needs to look handsome in order to score girls who have always been making fun of him due to his skinny and nerdy looks. You have to make him get all douche to woo these women and fulfill his desire of being famous amongst women and ladies. Infiltrate The Airship is another cool game with stick figures.