douchebag-workoutDouchebagWorkout 1

Description about the Douchebag Workout 1 Game

This is an animation game where you need to raise up your douchebag applicant until he is the ultimate perfect douchebag. Here you need to boost up your muscles in order to impress the girls at your school who laugh at you. You also need to get a bronze tan and take as much as protein shakes as well as supplements so that the growth of your muscles is enhanced. This is a parody game and is absolutely hilarious.

You need to help this disheartened guy into having a social life, getting into an awesome shape and also to get him some amazing swag so that he finally gets to impress the ladies. The main motive of the character in the game is to get ready for the big pool party. By customizing several elements, you become the ultimate douchebag in 14 days. In order to complete the game it is required of you to reach the 6th level of doucheness. This game explores the social life deeply and also has several awesome upgrades.

To select the options you need to use your mouse. In case of performing the exercises you are required to follow the instructions given in the game and also use the spacebar and arrow keys.

Tips and tricks

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