douchebag-workoutDouchebagWorkout 2

What is douchebag workout 2?

It is a game wherein the player has to gain weight, built muscles in bulk in order to impress the girls. The muscles can be built by going to the gym. Thus, it is a game wherein the player has to build his own social circle by enhancing his own body. The crux of the game lies in the building up of the body via doing a workout, eating high protein and carbohydrate food and impressing the girls. On completion of the daily activities the player is awarded with ultimate cash for socializing. The workout 2 unblocked is the improved version of the first version. The workout2 is more efficient and advanced and the bug fixes have been done which aroused during the initial version.

This game act as a muscle stimulator. This game is ideal for guys who are crazy for body building. This game is played by boys who regularly do workout at the gym and use the same techniques to build the body. The game comprises of various sections like food, muscle workout and also maintaining the dashboard of the daily routine and activities performed by the player. The game is ideologically for guys and is a total addiction for them.

Game Play Controls

Normal game play controls are always following the arrows and using the mouse to click on the screen. There are options available like a drag or press the mouse button. The updated version just allows you to follow the arrows and clicking on the desired options. If you do not have updated version then the screen option is not available .You have to play manually by pressing the arrow keys with the spacebar. The instructions on the screen will prompt you to either hold or to release the keys. Sometimes Shift keys along with arrow keys are used. SHIFT S to get instant money SHIFT I to get fast forward in time SHIFT U to go back an hour in a day So, ultimately they are basic keys.

Tips and Tricks

This game is being developed by the game developers wherein douchebag workout 3 is the updated version. With various versions out in the market, the level of difficulty of the game keeps on advancing, and becomes more interesting and fun loving.